A very healthy activity!

You want a healthy, smart and fun ride to get fit.

On a Trikke, the rider enjoys a natural body exercise and can experience the thrill of deep-carving action sports such as surfing & skiing.

It's very addictive.

The Trikke is above all fun: the movement, the carving, the rhythm, and the speed makes you want to ride it. And each ride is a serious work out. Let Trikke lead you into a healthy life-style!



  • Research shows that you can burn up to 1000kcal per hour
  • EMG research shows you use almost all your muscles simultaniously


  • Riding a Trikke has no impact on joints and is easy on the muscles
  • You can easily switch from a muscle-building to a endurance work-out and back 
  • Trikke will lead you to a healthy life-style


  • Riding a Trikke is exciting and challenging
  • The carving sensation makes you use it everyday 
  • Be warned: Trikke is highly addictive

Trikke health research

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The Hauge & Amsterdam university have published research results for the health benefits of riding a Trikke. Read the full article 


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